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pneU-SA® Rodless Cylinders, double acting with power stroke in both directions, 1.25 in. (32mm) bore.

  • Maximum pressure: 100 PSI
  • Operating temperature range: 20º to 140º F.
  • Adjustable cushions
  • Foot mounts
  • Nylatron® GS guide bearings - ideal for improved load bearing capability


Bore, in. 1.25
Option(s) None
Force@100 PSI, lbs. 126
Eff. Area, in.2 1.26
Max. Stroke Length*, in. 158
Load, lbs. 120
Ms Radial Load, in. lbs. 75
M Long. Load, in. lbs. 290
Mv Axial Load, in. lbs. 130
Approx. Weight Base 6 lbs. + .35 lbs./in./Stk

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Consult with our qualified personnel about your application. W.C. Branham manufactures pneU-SA cylinders since 1994.


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Product Number Product Name Bore, in. Option(s) Force@100 PSI, lbs. Eff. Area, in.2
1892-0059 PSAN032FMRSA 1.25 Switches N.O. 126 1.26
1892-0060 PSAN032FMTS 1.25 Tube Supports 126 1.26
1892-0061 PSAN032FMRSB 1.25 Switches N.C. 126 1.26
1892-0062 PSAN032FMRSATS 1.25 Switches N.O., Tube Supports 126 1.26
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