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Rodless Cable Cylinders

Double Acting Cable Cylinders from W.C. Branham stroke along their own body length and offers up to a 50% space saving footprint when compared with traditional rod-type cylinders that extend a rod when actuating.

  • Cable Cylinders are the best value at price per inch of stroke.
  • Cable Cylinders can be configured with extra cable length for the purpose of mounting the main body away from work area.
  • Cable Cylinders are designed for externally guided loads and can be configured with reed switches, auto tensioners and caliper disc brake combinations for position holding.

W.C. Branham has been manufacturing cable cylinders since 1981.



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Products Available - 1101-1" Models

  Product # Name Bore, in. Option(s) Force@100 PSI, lbs. Effective Area, in. sq.
1101-0000 1101 1.0 None 78 .78
1101-0005 1101RS 1.0 Reed Switches 78 .78
1101-0019 1101M 1.0 Piston Magnet 78 .78
1101-0302 1101T 1.0 Tensioner 78 .78
1101-0303 1101TRS 1.0 Tensioner, Reed Switches 78 .78
1101-0304 1101T2 1.0 2 Tensioners 78 .78
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