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Direct Drive Vertical

DoorTec® Direct Drive Vertical Operators are a good alternative when overhead space is limited and horizontal mounting is not possible.

The MAGTEC® magnetically coupled design with its' aluminum round tube body is the preferred design in vertical applications and relies on the door track for guiding and support.  Ideally suited for car washes and cold weather environments.

Bundled kits include the MAGTEC Operator, vertical mounting bracket kit and either U.L approved 2-button pneumatic control box with or without emergency open.

"Why Use a Premium Quality Pneumatic Operator?"

Example, KDTMAG5/2.0SM96VM8CE - DoorTec Direct Drive Horizontal Overhead Door Operator Bundled Kit. Includes; MAGTEC Operator, 2 inch Bore x 96 inch stroke for 8 foot door w/ stud mount, Vertical Mounting Bracket Kit and U.L 2-Button Control Box w/ Emergency Open.


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Products Available - Operators Models

  Product # Name Description Additonal Info Door Bore Size, in.
1750-0055 DTMAG5/2.0SMVM Air Operator Stud Mount Specify 2.0
1750-0059 DTMAG5/2.0SM168VM14 Air Operator Stud Mount 14 Ft. 2.0
1750-0066 DTMAG5/2.0SM96VM8 Air Operator Stud Mount 8 Ft. 2.0
1750-0069 DTMAG5/2.0SM102VM8.5 Air Operator Stud Mount 8.5 Ft. 2.0
1750-0070 DTMAG5/2.0SM120VM10 Air Operator Stud Mount 10 Ft. 2.0
1750-0074 DTMAG5/2.0SM144VM12 Air Operator Stud Mount 12 Ft. 2.0
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