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PNEUSA® Rodless Cylinders

pneU-SA® [noo-es-ey] Rodless Cylinders provide guiding and load support along the length of its' body. Enclosed mil-spec rated cables connect the piston and carrier connector together, which ride in separate chambers. The benefit is an isolated, internally sealed, pressurized piston chamber that is not exposed to the operating environment resulting in continuous duty.

  • Carrier/piston mechanically coupled
  • Internal main air pressure seals
  • Ideal for harsh environments


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Choose from: All, 1.0" (25mm), 1.25" (32mm) or 1.75" (44mm) Models

Products Available - 1.0" (25mm) Models

  Product # Name Bore, in. Option(s) Force@100 PSI, lbs. Eff. Area, in.2
1898-0003 PSAN025 1.0 None 60 .60
1898-0020 PSAN025RSA 1.0 Switches N.O. 60 .60
1898-0021 PSAN025RSB 1.0 Switches N.C. 60 .60
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